waterholic® is environmentally friendly.

Water sports and sustainability belong together for waterholic®. When choosing our goods we pay a lot of attention to environmental friendliness. Organic cotton, recycled polyester and fair trade are as important to us as DHL Go Green shipping of our goods. waterholic® products feel good all around. On the skin and in the mind.

Fabrics and materials

The products used by waterholic® are made from natural fibres that come from sustainable plantations. For cotton, only organic cotton is used. The same applies to linen and modal. The polyester used is recycled material.

We take great care to use environmentally friendly dyeing processes and the products are manufactured on the basis of the most important quality labels (Organic Standards, Global Recycled, etc.).

Fair Trade

It is not the place of production of products that should be decisive, but the conditions under which the products are manufactured.

Therefore, waterholic® makes sure that only products are used that are manufactured by men and women who are treated respectfully, well trained and fairly paid, as required by the Fair Wear Foundation.