Dear waterholic® customers,

Thank you for your trust and for purchasing our products.

To make sure that you will enjoy our products as long as possible, we would like to give you a few tips for cleaning the textiles:

  • do not use dry cleaning
  • Textiles are best washed directly after use
  • turn to the left before washing
  • separate textiles by color before washing
  • do not wash hard objects like zippers
  • do not wash hotter than 30° degrees with mild detergent
  • do not use detergent with bleach
  • use only a small dosage of fabric softener
  • spin up to max. 1.000 revolutions
  • remove from the washing machine immediately after washing
  • do not put in the dryer
  • iron at low temperature
  • for prints and embroidery designs, always iron from the left, do not iron
  • directly over prints/embroidery designs

We assume no liability for washing and ironing errors. Our general terms and conditions apply.

Have fun with our products.

Your waterholic® team