waterholic® Insides - Barcolana52 and RE-BORN Shoes

waterholic® was at the beginning of October in the wonderful Trieste for the 52nd Barcolana. According to the organizer, the biggest sailing regatta in the world took place there at 20°C in late summer. It was great. With over 1.500 (!) sailing boats, over 20.000 sailors (!) and over 150.000 (!) spectators every year, Trieste has been transformed into the world's sailing capital for about one week at the beginning of October for 52 years.

The atmosphere of the city is unique during the Barcolana. A city full of waterholics creates a relaxed atmosphere. Until deep into the night we experienced Easy Living all day long on the squares, in the alleys and restaurants of the city - this year also despite distance and the obligation to wear masks.

With no to little wind this October the Come Together was in the foreground, the regattas had to be cancelled in part unfortunately. All the more time we were able to spend at the supporting events and the exhibitors.

We came across RE-BORN Shoes in one of the tents. Nikko from RE-BORN introduced us to this fantastic project. Re-BORN Shoes is a family-owned shoe manufactory (shoes and Italy :-) ) in the 4th generation from Friuli, which produces shoes exclusively from recycled materials. More sustainability in shoes is not possible. Used sails, parasols, car tyres and other materials are turned into new and cool RE-BORN Shoes.

Since waterholic® also attaches great importance to sustainability, resource conservation and environmentally friendly production, we are very happy to support the project. There will also be a cooperation with RE-BORN Shoes. We are happy about this and will tell you about it soon.

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