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We love the feeling of endless summer, beachlife and action on the water and have a really good conscience. You can have that too, with a free app, where waterholic® clothing literally scores.

In order to help shoppers' ways of thinking and acting improve step by step in the direction of sustainable shopping, the University of Lüneburg has now developed an exciting new app for the purchase of sustainable fashion. The Green Fashion App. App is one of the winners of this year's ideas competition "Fashion Culture, Textiles and Sustainability". Congratulations. The App is about environmental and social aspects: Users can set targets for their purchases, such as the monthly number of textiles purchased or the fair trade share of purchases. At the end of the month, they receive feedback from the app in the form of points and awards. The Green Fashion Challenge app is a free online tool, available at https://green-fashion.app/.

"Around 75 percent of German fashion consumers rate sustainability as an important criterion for their purchases," said Professor Jacob Hörisch, who developed the app with his colleague Lena Hampe. The share of ecologically or socially certified fashion, however, is currently around 5% of total sales. "So there is a clear difference between the self-imposed goals of consumers and their actual, everyday consumer behaviour", emphasised Hörisch. The developers want to promote green fashion with playful elements such as scores or awards and the possibility of inviting and challenging friends. Almost 50,000 euros were available for the development of the app during the one-year funding period.

In any case, it is worthwhile to have a look at the app and to get new ideas...Have fun.

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