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In October we met the shoe manufacturer RE-BORN Masolini1949 at the Barcolana52 in Trieste. The family business in the 4th generation from Friuli, produces very cool shoes by hand from recycled materials, which we are enthusiastic about. There, as well as at waterholic®, sustainability is a company principle. With the friendly owner Nicola Masolini, we agreed on a cooperation and here you can see the handmade result. Two wonderful RE-BORN Special models "waterholic" have been created.

RE-BORN Shoes feat. waterholic®.

RE-BORN has produced two shoe models in the waterholic colours with the waterholic logo, which will be available for you in December. Handmade. Each shoe is unique and only recycled materials are used, which come from the waste of other products. The soles are made from recycled car tires, the surfaces from recycled sails, and denim. And the inside is soft and made of recycled terry cloth.

Great craftsmanship, look at the pictures ...) .

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