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Water is our element, we love it. Just like our soft waterholic® hoodies and t-shirts. waterholic® consciously uses only organic cotton as material (plus about 15% recycled polyester for hoodies). As a waterholic it is quite exciting to know a few facts about organic cotton.

Cotton is grown in over 70 countries, mostly in developing countries. Organic cotton only in about 15 countries. Cotton is one of the most heavily pesticide-treated crops. According to studies, 10-20% of the pesticides used worldwide are used in cotton cultivation (monocultures=more pests). Soil and water are severely damaged by the pesticides.

So what distinguishes "organic" cotton farming from regular cotton farming?

  • less monocultures
  • no chemical-synthetic fertilizers/plant protection products
  • no pesticides - healthy soils and clean groundwater
  • better working conditions, usually also higher wages

Oh yes: For one pair of jeans and one T-shirt about 1 kg of cotton and 2-5.000 l (!) of water are needed. The production of organic cotton reduces the water consumption by about 90% (!). That is very cool.

Currently, the share of organic cotton in cotton production is only about 1-3% (!), and the trend is rising.

Organic cotton: Sounds good - is really good. And feels great in the waterholic® products. On your skin and in your consciousness.

Your waterholic®-Team

Photo in the middle by Trisha Downing on Unsplash

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